In the natural world, looks can be deceiving. While many animals can seem harmless, that doesn’t mean you should walk up to them and try to be their friend. They could be more dangerous than you think.

So while this little critter looks adorable at first, you should avoid it at any cost… because it’s hiding a deadly secret!

This is known as the puss moth caterpillar.


It’s found in trees and gardens between Florida and North Carolina. It also turns up in parts of Central America and Mexico.


While its scientific name is Megalopyge opercularis, this caterpillar is also known as a tree asp, asp caterpillar, and, because of the hair, the Trump caterpillar.

5-puss-moth-caterpillarBoston Jerry/Wikipedia

But that isn’t fluffy fuzz. It’s actually a poisonous barb collection that “stings” when they break off in human skin.


If humans get sung by a barb, the venom moves from the puncture site to other parts of the body.


Fortunately, doctors have some procedures you can follow if you get pricked.


You can remove the barbs from the skin using scotch tape…


…then apply an ice pack to the area for pain.

Woman with headache sitting on sofa with ice on head

Of course, if the pain worsens, you should still head to the hospital immediately.


Be aware of your surroundings, and always keep yourself protected when you’re outside. You definitely don’t want to be stung by the Trump caterpillar!


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