Earth is a weird place full of strange creatures (including us, if we’re being honest), but this thing might just take home the trophy.

It’s almost like whatever force created the world had a really good sense of humor.

This is the great potoo.2-the-great-potoo-is-a-real-birdWikimedia Commons

And it has two very, um, unique features.


It can be found mostly in Central and South America.


And it’s exceptionally good at camouflaging itself from predators.

But mostly people are just into it’s ridiculous appearance.4-the-great-potoo-is-a-real-birdImgur

The eyes aren’t just for show. They’ve evolved to help the potoo find insects in the dark.

That’s right, this goofy thing is actually a highly evolved predator.

He looks a little judgmental here, for sure.


Mother nature sure has a weird sense of humor.


In case you were wondering, no, it’s not a muppet.

PotooImportant World

There is much we still don’t know about the great potoo…


But we’re pretty sure they’re not aliens. We think.

potoo_boRocking Fundas

Hey, at least their babies are cute.

os-pictures-seaworld-baby-birds-20140117-001Important World

How is this even real?

potoo_blRocking Fundas

Perhaps even more unsettling than its eyes, the potoo has a unique moaning growl that it likes to vocalize throughout the night.

potoo_btRocking Fundas

This truly is the stuff of nightmares.

potoo_buRocking Fundas

Yes, the potoo is definitely Earth’s new champion of weird.