Every homeowner knows that their backyard isn’t just a place for your kids to play. It’s also the perfect testing grounds for your hobbies and creations. After all, what better place is there to relax or get to work on something new and exciting?

When one family realized they were tired of their old, beat-up backyard, they decided it was time to take it to the next level with a project of truly epic proportions. What they did with it, however, is nothing anyone saw coming.

Get ready to be amazed by this family’s project. You’ll be inspired to do the same in your yard!

This is what their backyard looked like during the planning stages. There’s not a lot going on, but there’s a lot of space and plenty of potential to make something great.

pool 1

But this family knew exactly what they were doing, and took their measurements with a plan in mind. Just wait to see what they come up with!

natural-swimming-pool-25Imgur / Von Bubenberg

From the fence to the house, you’ll be amazed to see how this simple space becomes transformed with their hard work.

02-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

First, they brought in a small bulldozer for excavating. This removed the dead grass and a layer of dirt so that they would be able to dig more. 

03-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

Then, it was time to start making a hole for a bigger project with the same excavator as before. Just wait to see what the hole is used for!

04-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

There was a lot of digging to do, so it’s good that they brought in an excavator to do the job quickly and efficiently. Imagine digging that by hand?

05-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

Things were finally coming into place after the excavation was finished, but there was still more work to be done.

natural-swimming-pool-26Imgur / Von Bubenberg

Things were finally coming into place after the excavating was finished, but there was still more work to be done.

06-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

Before they got started on the main project, they got to work on building a stone garden. This would give the space a natural feel.

07-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

First, they had to remove the old stone that surrounded the yard to get ready for the new material that would go better with their planned motif.

natural-swimming-pool-27Imgur / Von Bubenberg

They also stripped the side of the fence bare to make room for a new look. Things were really coming along by this point!

natural-swimming-pool-29Imgur / Von Bubenberg

Now, it was time to add a small rock garden and some trees. It looks so clean and polished compared to what was there before.

natural-swimming-pool-30Imgur / Von Bubenberg

For the next phase, they added a felt liner to the ground to help shape the base. This would help them in building what would be on top, and would stop any weeds from growing through in the future.

09-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

Instead of using any adhesive or stakes, they weighted the felt down with stones. Easy!

natural-swimming-pool-31Imgur / Von Bubenberg

Then, it was time to add another liner. This time, the extra layer was custom ordered from Germany. What are they up to?

10-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

They paused their construction and created a filtration system…but for what?
11-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

They went back to construct this rock lining by hand with the help of some friends, taking them eight-hours of hard, back-breaking work.
12-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

Now, it was time to lay down tile for the flooring.
natural-swimming-pool-34Imgur / Von Bubenberg

When that was finished, they added more rocks to the surrounding area and pumped in the water.
3-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

The water spilled over the edge of the rock lining to create a beautiful, flowing natural pool.
14-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

They also painted the rear fence with an eye-popping orange color. How gorgeous is that?
15-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

They also added lights so they could swim at night.
17-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

Their project took so long to complete that it spanned over several seasons.
18-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

It looks like kitty is in love with her new play area, too! Who could blame her?
19-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

When it was spring again, they decided to add some finishing touches.
20-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

This meant it was time to install an awesome deck!
21-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

They laid the frame of the deck down to carefully overlap the lip of the pool.natural-swimming-pool-39Imgur / Von Bubenberg

It’s hard to believe that the yard started out as an empty lot and is turning into something so scenic and beautiful! Just wait until you see the finishing touches….

Imgur / Von Bubenberg

Once they finished half of the deck, they moved their furniture on top and got to work on the other half.
22-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

It was coming along quite nicely, and all of the colors of the fence and natural elements were coming together.
natural-swimming-pool-40Imgur / Von Bubenberg

The most amazing natural swimming pool was finally complete!
24-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

It combines the beauty of nature with the rustic, modern look of their home.
natural-swimming-pool-41Imgur / Von Bubenberg

It was just missing something…
natural-swimming-pool-42Imgur / Von Bubenberg

A-ha! Nothing like a nice swinging bench to make it feel like a real getaway!natural-swimming-pool-43Imgur / Von Bubenberg

Can you imagine waking up to this? That is one gorgeous creation. Click to the next slide to see some more amazing pools that people made in their own backyards!
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That sure was an incredible DIY pool that he made! It just shows that a little elbow grease and some patience can help you attain the cool home amenities that you’ve always wanted in and around your home. Just check out some of these other DIY pools that people have made, like this backyard pool created with reclaimed wood. 


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These pool projects are truly inspiring. Which one will you make in your backyard?