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Perfectly Timed Animal Photos The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over

When it comes to photographing animals, timing is everything. Getting any animal to sit still for just two seconds — whether they're out in the wild or a pet on the couch — can be a nightmare, so almost every picture of the family cat turns out blurred or off-color. That's why we can say these photographers clearly lucked out when they snapped the scenes in front of them. These perfectly timed animal phones can only be attributed to luck!

40. Vanilla Cream

When was the last time you saw true joy? Well, now the answer is... now. After a messy lick of vanilla ice cream, this golden retriever learned why humans can't stay away from processed sugars, dairy, and saturated fats.

39. Checkmate!

Black may be at a disadvantage in this game of chess, seeing as how white's queen is a dog that can go wherever she pleases. Good luck taking out a big ol' dog with a fake-ivory horseman!

38. Life and Death

Death doesn't feel real until you lose someone close to you, just like decapitation doesn't feel real until you see a porcelain version of yourself tipped over on the bricks with a head 4 inches away from the rest of the body. Don't worry, duck friend. This one wasn't real.

37. Twins

When a short, plump dog realizes he looks exactly like a swarm of beefy bovine, you get this hilarious reaction. Hey, wait a minute. We've seen this photo before — it's Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins.