Mother Nature is well known for occasionally causing serious natural disasters. But what a few men found in the wilderness of Siberia was a lot freakier than your average hurricane.

In 2014, Russian shepherds reported hearing a loud noise in the middle of the night, and when they checked it out the next day they found something pretty remarkable… not to mention otherworldly!

These strange things appeared in the Yamal Peninsula in 2014.


Those nearby reported hearing rumbling sounds the night before they were first discovered.


Farmers close to the craters said they heard a boom, like a thunder clap, the same night.


None of the people in the area had any clue what caused this huge hole to appear in the ground overnight.


Some even suspected it had alien origins.


After years spent researching this massive crater, geologists finally discovered what caused it.


This huge hole was caused by something known as a ‘pingo’.


A pingo is a deposit of ice that sits directly below the Earth’s surface.


Half of the space taken up by the ice is made up of gas, and when enough pressure builds, the result is an enormous explosion.


A pingo eruption usually ends up forming a lake.


But in the case of this crater, water had not yet begun to collect in it, so scientists were able to study it in a new way.


Step inside the crater and take a look!

Ice causing an explosion underground? It sounds unbelievable. I’m just glad it didn’t happen in my backyard!

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