What’s in a name? It is often the first decision that new parents make, and that choice defines a person throughout their lifetime. So to say the least, it’s a pretty big deal.

That’s why most moms and dads play it safe by picking out more common names for their kids. But certain people — particularly celebrities like Matthew McConaughy and his brother Rooster — like to get creative with what they call their offspring and the names they picked will leave you baffled.

Matthew and Mike ‘Rooster’ McConaughy both have fascinating stories behind the names of their children. But each brother’s reasoning couldn’t be more different…

Although Matthew the A-lister is starring in blockbusters and winning awards left and right, he tends to keep his personal life a bit more private. He wants his fatherly duties to stay separate from his celebrity.


Nevertheless, he and his wife Camila were so proud of their first son’s name that they couldn’t help but share the meaningful story behind their choice.

Matthew gave Michael Strahan the full rundown during an appearance on Good Morning America. The crowd was visibly moved as he delved into the stories about his earliest days of fatherhood.

During Camila’s pregnancy, the couple had no idea whether they were expecting a boy or a girl. As a result, they had a long list of potential baby names, but no clear favorites emerged.

As a deep thinker both on and off-screen, Matthew really wanted the name to mean something personal and profound. He kept cycling through various options…

Finally, that fateful day arrived. It was a boy! The McConaugheys were overjoyed by the start of their family. Except they still had not settled on a name!

The doctor handed Matthew some forms, which required him to record their son’s name. Stumped, McConaughey took a look around the room and noticed that his child was born precisely at 6:22.

Matthew understood that time as a clear sign, as his favorite Bible verse is Matthew 6:22. It reads, ‘If thy eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light.’

McConaughey remembered that another biblical name for Matthew, a tax collector turned apostle, was Levi. It was the perfect name for his son, as a tribute to the family’s faith and a clever way to call him Matthew Jr.

Instagram / iamcamilaalves

The McConaugheys had a far easier time selecting names for their other two kids, Vida and Livingston. These had less religious significance; the parents just liked the sound of them.

Facebook / Matthew McConaughey

Rooster, on the other hand, took a more humorous, light-hearted approach in naming his brood. Of course, that’s the only path that Rooster would ever dream of taking.


The millionaire entrepreneur and television personality knows better than anybody on how to have a good time, and live life to the fullest.

He also loves his beer, and no beer holds such a special place in Rooster’s heart as Miller Lite. In fact, he’s rarely seen without a Miller can in his hand.

So he called his son ‘Miller Lyte.’ That way, he joked, he could even bring his favorite beer into a church with him and not get any dirty looks from the rest of the congregation.

Rooster’s wife insisted on naming their next child, a daughter, after her grandmother — Margarita.  Later she realized that now both of their children share the moniker of an adult beverage…

Rooster, however, got to choose Margarita’s middle name. He chose Olympia, which he’d always liked. Coincidentally, that too turned out to be a brand of beer as well.

That means that Miller Lyte and Margarita Olympia McConaughey might be the only two siblings in the world with booze-inspired names. Extra points for originality!

Twitter / Rooster McConaughey

If Rooster and his wife have another baby, we can only hope they continue the tradition by picking something like ‘Pabst’ or ‘Blue Moon.’ Hopefully, they stay away from ‘Heineken,’ or all the other kids at school would call him ‘Hiney.’

All in all, there’s no doubt that a family reunion that has Matt and Rooster chatting in one corner of the yard, and Levi and Miller Lyte playing catch, has to be a good time. These two dads sure know to make a statement!