There are more than 2 million break-ins, burglaries, and home invasions in the U.S. every year, and at a time like this, home security is more important than ever. But while you probably already have basic security measures implemented which provide some measure of safety, you should keep in mind that an alarm can only go so far.

Here are some incredibly creative security tips that are all but guaranteed to protect your home. Take a look!

1. Reinforce your existing door jam to stop robbers in their tracks.

2-home-securityThe Family Handyman

2. The SimLock makes your deadbolt even stronger

1-home-securityThe Family Handyman

3.  The Door Guardian makes your sliding door even tougher to get past.

3-home-securityThe Family Handyman

4. If you’re worried about vulnerable points of entry like windows, use portable alarms like these.

4-home-securityThe Family Handyman

5. Bolster your garage door with 2×4 planks. 

5-home-securityThe Family Handyman

6. Lock up your most valuable stuff in a safe.


7. Keep your emergency keys in an outdoor lock box.



8. Invest in a wide-angle peephole to get a better look at who comes to your door.


9. Buy a secure, privacy-enabled mailbox to keep your personal correspondence personal.


10. Lights with motion detection sensors are a smart choice if you have a big property.


11. Get rid of your in-car garage door opener and get this one to put on your keychain.


12. Use a padlock on your garage door when you’re out of town for a long time.

12-home-securityThe Family Handyman

13.  A door guard can help stop intruders from forcing down a door. 


14. A smart door stop is a high-tech way of keeping your family safe.


15. Hard drive-enabled security cameras can monitor and send you copies of any break-ins.


16. Smart alarm systems that you can operate from your phone are the newest mode of protection.


17. This door lock is a classic for a reason. This bolt is exceptionally strong. 17-home-securityAmazon

18. This bulletproof bed will keep you safe from burglars, vampires, and possibly nuclear war. 


19. This high tech security ring helps you monitor security anywhere while still looking stylish.


20. Get high-tech and buy a robot for home protection.


While you can’t ever be 100% safe from disaster, these home security hacks are guaranteed to make you as safe as possible. You’ll be able to rest a lot easier, too.