You just want your wedding day to be perfect. That’s why you put up with the months-long headache of picking the right venue and deciding whether the bridesmaids’ dresses should be a “dusty rose” or “maiden blush.” You don’t, however, plan for the headache of your husband running off after the ceremony.

Well, Krista Boland and her fiancé, Jeremy Bourasa, had a long five-year engagement and were just itching to call each other husband and wife. Once the big day arrived, the ceremony seemed to be playing out well… that is until Jeremy ran off. But if you asked him, he had good reason for it.

Krista Boland and Jeremy Bourasa were lucky enough to meet each other early in life. The Cottage Grove, Minnesota, couple had been attached at the hip for nearly 15 years, and they’d been through a lot together.

Krista Boland-Bourasa / Facebook