Ah, the joy of a good old-fashioned movie night. You gather your closest seven friends and crowd together on the floor, trying to get everyone to stop quoting the dialogue long enough to actually absorb the plot. There are some flicks that get better every time you see them.

What’s more fun than watching — or re-watching — your favorite classic movies? Well, getting a glimpse behind the scenes at the studio backlots and exotic locations where they were made. So gather your popcorn and your Raisinets, because we’re about to show you a secret world you haven’t seen before.

1. King of the world: If anyone ever tells you this Jack and Rose scene from Titanic was shot on a green screen, you can show them this. As a matter of fact, the scene was shot last-minute after director James Cameron noticed a gorgeous sunset behind the ship.

Camille Cellucci