Buying an old house is always a risky proposition. On the one hand, they’re charming and filled with character. On the other, these older homes come with lots of history. Some of it good… and some bad.

After buying an old home, this man ventured into the musty, old basement where he found a strange panel on the wall. He removed it and was stunned by what he found on the other side.

When Jerry, a new homeowner, was checking out his new house, he happened to spot something out of place in the basement. With a little more digging, he realized he might have gotten more than he bargained for.

At the bottom of the stairs was a strangely out-of-place piece of plywood.

He came closer to get a better look.

That’s when he noticed a strange gap between the wood and the wall.

He removed the plywood… and made a startling discovery.

It was a secret room! Inside were dozens of boxes and a locked safe. That was only the beginning.

He fiddled with the safe but couldn’t open it.

The boxes weren’t just any boxes. These were gun boxes. Lots and lots of them.

Why was the previous owner so well armed?

He was beginning to feel happy that he couldn’t crack the safe.

That’s when he noticed the ammo boxes!

He opened them up, and sure enough, they were filled with live rounds.

That was only the beginning of the large supply of ammunition!

What was the previous owner preparing for?

And why did he leave everything there?

The following day after the discovery, he bravely ventured back down the stairs to continue his explorations.

Before long he found even more ammo and other strange equipment.

Disconcertingly, he found some empty gun cases. Where were all these weapons now?

It was all beginning to feel like a bizarre dream.

There so much ammo…

…enough to take down a small army.

Somebody meant business.

Every box was filled with more and more ammunition.

He found this small pouch.

When he unzipped it, he found… even more ammo.

He began to suspect that the answers were in the safe, which he still hadn’t been able to open.

But did he really want to know the truth?

He felt totally unprepared for what he might find.

He kept looking around, when he saw something that made his heart skip a beat.

A grenade.

There was no pin… it was live!

Nervously, he inspected the grenade and found that a hole had been filed into the bottom and all the powder drained.

After taking a moment to savor the feeling of relief, he opened another ammo box and was rewarded with this amazing sight.

It was full to the bottom with loose change. Almost all of it pennies.

Bolstered by this new find, he decided to go back and try cracking that safe one more time!

But it was no use! It wouldn’t budge! He decided to take the safe to a professional locksmith the next day, and posted a message on Reddit promising to update with any news as soon as he had something to share. That was five months ago, and he never posted anything since! But this basement discovery is just one of many that people have chronicled. Click to the next slide to see more…

All that ammunition isn’t the only strange thing that someone has found under their home! One man once found an ancient-looking well under his floorboard! He said it looked like something out of The Ring.


Another person found a secret passageway beneath their home. It’s believed that it may have been part of the Underground Railroad!

38-hidden-basement-discoveriesABC News

This couple actually found an entire “dungeon” beneath their home. It even had creepy Soviet-era graffiti written on the walls! How eerie is that?


One of the more ridiculous things anyone has discovered under their home is this chapel that was found under a family’s house in England. Can you imagine living over this and having no clue it was there? Weird.


Less eerie than a dungeon or chapel, this person actually found a newspaper from the day after the Kennedy assassination. Wild that it was able to survive so many years without falling apart.