It’s absolutely natural to develop an affinity — or an equally fascinating hatred — for a well fleshed-out character in our favorite television show or movie. Over the course of their journey, these figures invoke so much emotion in audiences that it’s almost impossible not to feel a special connection — or disdain.

That’s why when a main character is suddenly killed off unexpectedly it causes a dagger-like pain to our heart. Oh, the nerve of producers to do away with such strong entertainment! However, sometimes those untimely demises are actually the doing of the actors themselves. But why would huge stars want to get the axe?

1. Sigourney Weaver, Alien: Ripley armed herself with heavy artillery to battle horrific extraterrestrials in these sci-fi flicks. However, once the franchise started getting too outrageous, Weaver wanted out. But she later brought back the character in the aptly-named Alien: Resurrection.

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