We’ve all fantasized about having an outrageous car at some point in our lives. Even if automobiles aren’t your thing, it’s still really cool to imagine riding in something expensive, rare, and super-fast!

Jack Mazur had the same thought, but instead of just fantasizing, he decided to take matters into his own hands in a very unique and industrious way. He rolled up his sleeves and got to work on a hunk of scrap metal that he picked up at the junk yard. The result? Get ready to be insanely jealous.

Like most projects, Jack’s had humble beginnings. It started with this old metal frame.

Over an eight-year span, Jack collected metal for the rest of his project. Now, that’s dedication.

Jack gathered parts from Audi and Mercedes vehicles to get his project started… That’s right… A McLaren from scratch.

Jack needed to make a frame sturdy enough to withstand racing speeds, comparable to those an authentic McLaren would reach.

No expense could be spared.

Since Jack was not a trained professional mechanic, he had to be exceedingly careful.

This wasn’t his first attempt at a building a sports car; he’d previously built a Lamborghini, but the McLaren project was on an entirely different level.

Jack used a push-rod suspension, which is a high-end part used by the best cars in the world.

In a McLaren, the steering wheel is in the center of the vehicle.

Jack even created a custom interior for the supercar!

The body’s molds were made by hand!

Jack’s friends and family played a big part in this project; he recruited nearly 30 people to help him with various phases of the build.

Jack painstakingly researched every inch of the McLaren to make sure he had everything just as it should be.

By winter, it looked like the project was starting to take shape.

Next, Jack bonded the two layers — outside and inside — together.

Finally, a whole supercar body was starting to form!

The driver and passenger seats were installed next…

…and then the mechanical elements of the car could be put into place.

Check out that Audi engine — it’s a V12.

The brakes and suspension are Mercedes parts.

At this point, this thing is starting to look very impressive…

Finally, the body and the frame could be put together.

Check it out!

Seat belts and other safety accessories were then put into the vehicle.

And a steering wheel, of course.

Jack says he prefers his McLaren to any other because it is so unique, and he doesn’t treat it as if it were priceless.

After eight long years of work, Jack finally has his dream supercar!

The finishing touches: A rare white McLaren paint job.

How great does this thing look?

Jack is the man!

Imagine taking eight years to do something this tedious? Now, that’s commitment! Way to go, Jack!