The penny has been falling out of grace in the world of currency for some time now. In fact, there are even efforts to have it completely removed from circulation. But for those of us who still have affection for the tiny, zinc coins, there are some incredible uses for them beyond paying for stuff!

Take a gander at some of these and try not to fall back in love with them!

1. Stamping your pennies with a fun phrase can make for an awesome pendant.

2. How about making a fashionable necklace?

3. Flattening them for this style necklace is great, too.

4. They can make for delightful buttons, as well.

5. Especially when they’re curved.

6. Aside from clothes, you could also turn them into awesome household items like coasters.

7. And napkin rings.

8. This shiny serving tray sure looks neat!

9. How about turning them into spinning penny toys?

10. This mosaic penny vase will class up any home.

11. Don’t be afraid to paint the pennies, too!

12. Color code your pennies to make an awesome hanging art-piece.

13. Find pennies with specific dates and make a fun timeline.

14. This mirror frame sure shines.

15. Ooo this one is great, too!

16. That’s a message I can get behind.

17. This one would be hard to make… but how cool is it?

18. This garden decoration really ties the whole setting together.

19. What a neat way to shingle a birdhouse!

20. Optical illusions, anyone?

21. This bar brings an awesome texture to the visuals in the kitchen.

22. As does this coffee table.

23. A whole wall of pennies!

24. Wow.

25. Or use them as your kitchen floor.

If you want to make sure to remove the grime from your pennies and really make them shine, try this technique:

Hold on while I dig through the couch for as many pennies as I can find. I need to go make myself a necklace!

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