Becoming a parent to a living, breathing human being isn’t easy. Boy or girl, it’s going to be a serious challenge. Luckily, there are a few amazing tips that can make parenting just a little bit simpler!

Just pay attention to these parenting hacks… and life will surely be a lot more easy!

1. Laundry baskets are great for keeping your kid’s toys close by in the bathtub.


2. Solo cups make great hand guards for sparklers.

3. This bottle holder is great for little ones to hold onto.


4. A rubber band is a great way to teach children how to hold pens and pencils properly.

The Lower Elementary Cottage

5. Coffee tops are great for keeping popsicles mess-free.

Woo Home

6. Use “monster spray” to help your kids who are afraid of monsters.

Happy Go Lucky

7. Make cleaning a game!

The Parent Bible

8. Capri Suns can be turned into slushies overnight during those hot summer months.

Girl Inspired

9. Blow-up pools make for awesome and safe indoor playpens.

Reddit / kekembas17

10. Prevent children from playing with dangerous plugs by locking them up.


11. Use this onesie for turning crawling into cleaning!

Better Than Pants

12. A shoe-organizer is a great way to keep the car tidy.

13. Indoor hammocks can be fashioned out of a simple bed sheet and a table.

Joyful Abode

14. Old camera bags can be transformed into awesome diaper bags.

My So-Called Home

15. Your old phone can make an awesome baby monitor.

The Underwear Drawer

16. A fitted sheet makes a simple sun cover for your crib while outside.

Little Baby Watson

17. Keep track of pacifiers by placing them in old sauce containers — it also keeps them clean!


18. Shower totes are great for eating on the go.

Lookie What I Did!

19. Lotion bottles are excellent for filling water balloons.

20. A glove full of beans can be the right weight to mimic your hand for a sleeping child.

The Parent Bible

21. Old shampoo bottles can make great faucet-extenders for little kids.

Pinterest / Amy Clackum Visit

22. Cardboard boxes are great for stair sliding!

Woo Home

23. This visor is perfect for keeping water and shampoo out of a baby’s face.


24. Limit the amount of TP your kids use with this marker.

The Virtuous Wife

25. This trick will let you know if your teens are sneaking in or out!


Being a parent is never easy, but hopefully these little tips will make it just a tad simpler! That last one will be especially awesome when the kids grow up.