As glamorous and exciting as it is to be a celebrity, there is at least one hefty price: the paparazzi. It can be next to impossible to live an ordinary life when your every move is captured by aggressive photographers.

And when¬†celebrities reach their breaking point with these nosy individuals… things can get rough.

1. Face the wrath of Cameron Diaz!

2. This photographer won’t get his kicks snooping around Sean Penn anymore.

3. Miley can’t stop, won’t stop defending herself against this jerk.

4. Russell Brand gave this photographer a big fat “nope!”

5. I don’t think Justin Bieber said “sorry” to this photographer.

6. This person sure learned not to mess with Alec Baldwin.

7. Britney Spears is hitting this photographer’s ride one more time.

8. This photographer’s face tells you everything that you need to know.

9. Paparazzi, meet David Beckham’s fist.

10. This photographer seems oddly pleased to be kicked by Kanye West.

11. You can’t resist the fury of Lily Allen.

12. Just because Adam Lambert is an American Idol doesn’t mean that he has to take your crap.

13. Tonight, thanks to Gerard Butler, this photographer will “dine in Hell.”

14. Mike Myers has the (Austin) powers to look pretty scary when he’s hunting down aggressive paparazzi.

Is it really worth being famous when you have to deal with these jerks? If you can handle them like these celebrities do, maybe it is!