Two artists recently decided to create a twist on the classic hidden image game with their series of panda puzzles. These are so tricky that people are going crazy over them — they are so much harder than they look!

See if you can find the hidden characters each of these puzzles!

Can you find the panda among the elephants?

Check him out!

How about in this group of dogs? He should stick out, right?

Nope, still got me! There he is.

There’s a potato lurking in this group of hamsters…

Did you find him?

Can you find the Doc Brown in a sea of Bernie Sanders characters?

The answer is below!

Can you spot the egg in this group of bunnies?

It’s barely there, but you can see it if you search hard enough!

All these snowmen are hiding a panda…

He really blends in!

This one is hard. Find the cat in all the owls!

This one took me forever!

One of these C3POs is not like the other…In fact, he’s an Academy Award!

Do you see him?

Stormtroopers in black and white are keeping a panda out of sight…

Ha! These really are so much fun.

Did you find all of them? Share these with your friends and see how they do!