One of the first places many people around the world visit after a moving to a new home is the Swedish furniture-giant, IKEA. Their products are usually going to save you money, as long as you’re okay with constructing them yourself.

Recently, however, people discovered a new use for an IKEA item that’s as genius as it is totally unexpected!

Available at the IKEA is a product known as the Duktig, which only costs $19.99. It’s a doll bed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for something way, way better…

…like a cat bed!

Instagram / Kataryna37

These beds come with linens so your cat can tuck herself in.

Instagram / monetayim

Looks like the cats are a fan!

Instagram / hilaryheihei

You can even make bunk beds!

Instagram / s819812

They’re the perfect size for your kitty or a small dog.

Instagram / Daniel Boczarski

“I guess it’s okay…”

Instagram / therealpercythepersian

“What about my kiss goodnight?”

Instagram / ib_stagram

In case you were wondering, the little beds work just as well for small dogs!

So cute…

Even rabbits are joining in on the fun!

But not everyone is excited about bunking in together.

Move over, Chubbs!

Sleepover time!


What a wonderful idea!

Instagram / pasta_udon

They might never be able to compete with a solid cardboard box, but they come pretty close! And at that price, you can’t afford not to get one for your furry friend!