No matter what you see on the news, it’s unlikely our civilization is going to crash and burn within our lifetimes. But just because we don’t expect the impending apocalypse to happen any time soon, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for it – just in case.

After all, it can’t hurt to have some skills that could save your life!

1. Doritos, Fritos, and other corn chips contain enough oil to sustain a fire when placed over aluminum foil or the chip bag itself.

2. Breathing through a bra can keep debris out of your lungs if you’re stuck in an area that’s smoldering from a fire.

3. Starting a fire is as easy as holding a 9-volt battery up to steel wool. Watch as sparks fly!

4. You still need to open jars even after the end of the world. Use duct tape to do it easily.

5. Cover blisters on your feet with duct tape.

6. Collect condensation for drinking water by draping plastic wrap over plants or grass.

7. Puncture the top of a can of tuna in oil, place one end of a makeshift wick inside, and light. You’ve got an improvised candle that will last for up to two hours!

8. Burning a crayon will provide light for about 30 minutes per stick.

9. The current from a AA battery and a bit of foil will provide a quick source of fire.

10. Improvise a stove with two cans and some tinder.

11. Grab any branch of appropriate height and turn it into a walking stick.

12. If you need a raft, just gather some wood and wrap it in a tarp. It floats!

13. Should you hurt your arm, you can create a sling with just some paper towels and duct tape.

14. Salt water is great for cleaning wounds and soothing itchy bug bites.

15. Baking soda is great for brushing teeth when you don’t have toothpaste.

16. Dental floss can replace fishing wire!

17. Rub baby oil on your face to keep frostbite at bay in the cold.

18. No gun? Grab a can of compressed air and stick a toothpick in the opening. That will do the job.

Even if the world doesn’t end, it’s great to know these survival tips. Who knows — you might need them sooner than you think!