The Steppe Eagle is a rare bird of prey known for having massive talons and a huge wingspan. While they seem imposing, they are not invincible, and their population is decreasing too quickly.

Ido Shaked recently came across one of these birds in Gamla, Israel. He noticed that the bird was acting very strangely – and the reason why is pretty incredible!

Ido spotted something extremely strange at an animal preserve in Gamla, Israel.

Workers had recently placed a calf carcass inside the vulture pen to serve as food for the birds.

But one day, they discovered an eagle from outside of the preserve had entered the vulture habitat to get to the carcass.

Upon closer examination, they determined the bird was a steppe eagle. The rare bird appeared to be sick and extremely weak, so they administered fluids and began caring for it. But they had no idea what had happened… yet.

They then brought in an aviation oncologist to run tests on the eagle, and that’s when they saw it: A foreign sliver of metal deep inside the bird’s body.

The X-ray showed that there was a long rod of metal, an arrow, that had pierced the bird’s abdominal cavity and was lodged there.

Further investigation led experts to believe the bird was from Africa. Astonishingly, this meant that the eagle flew from Africa to Israel… all while having a hunter’s arrow lodged deep inside its body.

That arrow was a full five inches long

Strangely, this isn’t the first time something like this happened.

In 2006, a white stork was recovered in Israel with a long, jagged spear inside its body.

Thanks to the hard work and kind vets at the animal hospital, the eagle recovered quickly.

Amazingly, this sweet bird was able to eat on its own and stand only two hours post-surgery.

The vets believe that if he hadn’t chased after that carcass, he never would have survived. What a lucky bird!

African steppe eagles don’t make a lot of noise, but their call is said to be similar to the sound of a crow’s bark.

Steppe eagles usually scavenge for carrion, but they will also kill rodents and other small animals for food.

Yves Thonnerieux

This bird of prey is quite rare.

Young Nature Lovers

And so majestic!

Doctors believe the eagle will be able to fly home, but for now, he really needs more rest and recovery time. Be well, friend!