Having a dog can be one of the best experiences in life. We get so attached to our little fuzzy pet, they become a member of the family. People like to imagine that their dog is smarter and more adorable than just about everyone else’s dog—they’re sort of like children in that way—but in reality, there are plenty of things all of these four-legged creatures have in common.

When you get right down to it, there are some aspects of dog ownership that are universal across the board. So, if you’ve ever owned one, these will look familiar. And if you haven’t, well, pay attention…

1. Spacial reasoning…not their strong suit.

2. “We wasn’t doing nothin’.”

3. When you’ve become the real toy.

4. Dinner for 3?

5. “Don’t you dare look away — I SAID LOOK AT MY POOP!”

6. Who needs an alarm system?


7. To be fair, I also do this.

8. Know thine enemy.

9. Subtlety will never be their best skill.

10. “I’m disappointed in you, Paul.”

11. Your life is but a play thing.

12. But you love them anyway.


13. A Dog’s Life.

14. Your rules mean nothing.

15. Your dog will have nicer things than you and he’ll throw up on all of them.

16. “I killed six people for all of these tennis balls, Karen. Six.”

17. “Does this mean you’re not giving me that toy you brought me?”


18. You will soon lose control of your life.

19. They love friends.

20. “Never mind how it got here, Kyle. Just grab it.”

21. Your dog is most definitely cooler than you.

22. And will stick with you through thick and thin.

23. They’re master tacticians.

24. This is the best advice.


25. Dog in the background like, “Chill, bro.”

26. But they always know just how to make things better.

27. “Do I poop in the woods?”

28. This is painfully relatable.

29. A lesson in economics.

30. Your house will never be safer from non-threats.

31. This. Just…this.

These are all so accurate they might as well be pictures of my dogs… BRB I’m going to go give her a big hug!

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