How old are you in dog years? On average, one year in a canine’s life equals seven years for a human. Then again, there are hundreds of different dog breeds and they all age at slightly different rates.

The oldest dog in the world was Bluey, an Australian Cattle Dog whose life covered a whopping 29 years. Not all pups can match such an impressive record, though these 20 breeds come fairly close. Some of these you can find in your own neighborhood, but there are also a few you’ve probably never heard of…

1. New Guinea Singing Dog (18-20 years): In addition to winning the spot of top dog on this list, this breed is also one of the largest! The Singing Dog is known for its melodious howl and is extremely rare, native only to Papua New Guinea.

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2. Chihuahua (17-20 years): These tiny dogs can attribute their longevity to not being prone to genetic disorders. If they live this long, they must not actually eat that much Taco Bell either.

3. Jack Russell Terrier (16-20 years): Even though these terriers are bursting with energy, they do not burn out quickly. In fact, they are fit as a fiddle from participating in fox hunts for generations.

4. Toy Poodle (16-20 years): These dignified canines will stay by your side for many years. That should give you the chance to try out every crazy poodle haircut in the book!

5. Cockapoo (16-18 years): The poodle side of this hybrid definitely plays a huge factor in the Cockapoo’s long lifespan. On top of that, they’re one of the smartest and friendliest breeds in the world!

6. Rat-Cha (16-18 years): A cross between a Rat Terrier and a Chihuahua, this variety is tough despite its size. At the same time, Rat-Chas are highly affectionate and make for ideal lap dogs.

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7. Ratese (16-18 years): These pups enjoy being the center of attention, and chances are they will be there for quite some time. As you may have guessed, these dogs are the product of a Rat Terrier and a Maltese.

8. Lagotto Romagnolo (16-17 years): No, that’s not the name of a famous opera singer. These curly canines have a keen sense of smell, even compared to other dogs, and can help farmers sniff out truffles.

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9. Shih Tzu (15-20 years): Can you believe that the ancient Chinese bred this toy dog to resemble a lion? While these pups lead long lives, they are vulnerable to various eye ailments.

10. Lhasa Apso (15-20 years): Many years ago, these dogs worked as sentinels at temples in the Himalayas. That’s probably why they remain so robust today, even if they’re only guarding your backyard.

11. Ratshi Terrier (15-20 years): Ancestors of this crossbreed helped clear out rat infestations in urban areas, so Ratshis are understandably feisty. Be forewarned that they tend to clash with pets and children.

12. Cheenese (15-18 years): A hybrid between the Chihuahua and the Havanese, these dogs are quite social. In fact, they may follow you around the house all day.

13. Australian Shepherd (15-18 years): Don’t be fooled — breeders actually developed this dog in California, not in the Outback. Aussies used to herd sheep in the Rocky Mountains, though they’re now more popular as companions.

14. Rattle Griffon (15-18 years): This feisty breed requires a lot of exercises, but all that hard work is certainly worth it! They are the offspring of Rat Terriers and Brussels Griffons. 

15. Rattle (15-18 years): These dogs tend to be pretty vocal, but at least you won’t forget about them! They are pretty smart too, so they’re more likely to bark at actual strangers than their reflections in the mirror.

16. Jack Chi (15-18 years): As the progeny of two of the top dogs on this list — the Chihuahua and Jack Russell — it’s no surprise that the Jack Chi has a long lifespan. They are perfect if you’re looking for a pet that’s both compact and high energy.

17. Lacasapoo (15-18 years): These ‘designer dogs’ are a curious blend between the purebred Lhasa Apso and hybrid Cockapoo. While they are great pets, they are some of the most expensive pooches on the market.

18. Pomchi (15-18 years): The diminutive Pomchi is the product of two of the best companion dogs — the Pomeranian and Chihuahua — known to man. In terms of personality, they can take after either parent or fall somewhere in between.

19. Boykin Spaniel (15-16 years): The state dog of South Carolina, the Boykin Spaniel is a skilled bird hunter. Fortunately, they are far friendlier towards humans than they are towards ducks and turkeys.

20. Pom-Coton (15-16 years): Have you noticed yet that hybrids are hardy? This crossbreed is relatively new and comes from mating a Pomeranian with a Coton de Tulear.