There is nothing as rewarding as cultivating a beautiful garden, if you’re lucky enough to have the space. Yet that doesn’t mean turning your backyard into the Secret Garden is easy to do. It can be very expensive and take a lot of time.

But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. All you need to start growing your very own beautiful garden is to look inside… your kitchen!

1. Use a muffin tin to make the perfect grid for planting small plants.


2. Make use of those old wine bottles by lining your walk or flower beds with them.


3. Silverware isn’t just for eating. Use a hammer to flatten out old spoons…

And then add paint to make fun signs!

4. Use a bottle opener to cut the tops off of old soda cans…


Then use spray paint to cover them.


Add your soil and seeds and maybe even a label, and watch them grow!


5. Fill an old wine bottle with water and flip it, placing the mouth firmly in the soil next to your plants to make a great make-shift self-watering system.

the garden glove

6. Get an old sink from an antique store and turn it into a rustic planter!

Cherry Hill Cottage

7. Plastic forks placed in your soil will frighten off animals that may want to make your plants a nighttime snack.

8. Another use for old spoons? Attach them to a strainer and make a DIY wind chime.

That strainer could also be a stylish flower pot.

9. Instead of throwing out banana peels, use them for compost.


10. Every morning, bring your used coffee grounds to your garden and mix them in with the soil to perk up your plants.


11. Drying egg shells for 3 days and planting them with your seedlings can offer much-needed calcium.


12.Use a colander and coffee filters for a simple slow-draining planter.

You can also hang one!

13. Even if you don’t have a lot of room, these hanging bottle gardens might just be the thing for you.

These are all so easy to do, I might just have to fit a few into my weekend plans! My garden will really shine after that!