The world’s oceans used to be the only means to travel to distant places — as long as you didn’t fall off of the edge of that flat Earth. But with no AccuWeather forecast, it was a dangerous endeavor, full of crossed fingers and lives lost at sea. These days, however, boats are thought to mostly be safe.

But just a few years ago, the world found out that boating disasters can still happen. What had begun as an idillic cruise through the Mediterranean, was upended in just a few frantic moments.

Departing from the Italian port of Civitavecchia in 2012, the cruise ship Costa Concordia was full of 4200 passengers and crew. No one could have known that they were headed for disaster.

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Like a scene from a movie, the massive cruise liner struck a rock near Isola de Giglio, tearing a 160-foot gash in the hull, and began to take on water. There would be no saving it.

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After years of extensive efforts, the sunken ship was righted and taken to be scrapped, but not until after photographers were allowed inside the wreckage for the first time.

This was the theater, designed to entertain the passengers on their voyage.

Some of the artwork along the stairs was unharmed.

The control room was what flooded first and caused many of the electronics to fail.

This room gives an idea of the trauma that many of the passengers were put through.

This casino was full of people right up to the moment the ship ran aground.

The lower decks were especially damaged. 

This hall was once used by a busy crew, but now it’s a ghost ship.

Given how quickly everything occurred, many of the rooms were left in total disarray.

Suitcases, full of memories, still sit idly in the hallways and cabins.

The disaster would claim the lives of 32 people.

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This aerial view of the site of the disaster is chilling.

As is this photo.

The Costa Concordia will now be scrapped for parts…

…bringing the tragic fate of the cruise ship to an unceremonious end.

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These photos from the Costa Concordia disaster are truly haunting. Even modern technology can’t always protect you when you’re out on the high seas!