Strange Markings Popping Up All Over Actually Have A Secret Meaning

By Maggie Watson

Everyone’s familiar with hobos — nomads who moved from town to town looking for work. But few are familiar with the finer points of being a hobo. For example, do you know how hobos helped each other out in the days before web forums and text messaging?

Friends Hop Fence To Explore Pink Floyd's Old Mansion And Get More Than They Bargained For

By Matthew Castoral

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but most of the other curious minds out there seem to be doing just fine. It’s only natural to want to explore the unknown, even if it means breaking a few rules to get there. After all, what harm could a little good-natured mischief really do?

10 Photos That Ultimately Captured The Calm Before The Storm

By Maggie Watson

Today, we’re saturated with mundane yet pleasant photos. Pictures of breakfast, babies, or super-fit athletes probably pepper your social media pages, and once you’ve scrolled past that, you see the same old memes.

Farmer Uncovers Treasure Beneath His Land That The Government Says Belongs To Them

By Maggie Watson

Some of humanity’s greatest discoveries happen by accident. Indeed, bog workers have uncovered ancient men preserved in peat and rug designers have found ancient villas while re-carpeting their homes. Then, there’s this Greek olive farmer.

20 Strange Practices Every Astronaut Must Do Before Launching Into Space

By Ryan Unger

Many children dream of becoming astronauts when they grow up. The thought of blasting off into space, exploring the stars, and experiencing zero gravity is nothing short of exhilarating. Space truly is the final frontier.

Scientists Exploring Icy Island Uncover A Secret Kept For Thousands Of Years

By Matthew Castoral

Before the advent of science, many cultures had legends and rituals to explain the inexplicable. But just because there are concrete scientific explanations for many ancient beliefs, that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t mysteries to be solved.

Weird Diamond Mine Exhibits Strange Physical Properties That Puzzled Scientists For Years

By Matthew Castoral

It’s no secret that humans have gone to insane lengths to transform the world around us. We’ve leveled forests to build parking lots, flooded valleys to make lakes, dammed rivers to power homes, and even carved old men into mountainsides. Time and again, mankind has proven that it can shape and change the natural world with ease. But sometimes, the natural world fights back.

21 Objects Found In The Desert That Made People Rich Overnight

By Matthew Castoral

When you think of the desert a few words come to mind: hot, dry, and barren. It’s where people go to get away from it all, and when it comes down to it, those who do brave the sand and heat usually come back with just a sunburn and an empty water bottle.

Man Arranges Rows Of Rice To Prepare For A Rare Natural Phenomenon

By Matthew Castoral

As children, most of us were taught that kindness and compassion are the two best qualities a person can possess. These values are perhaps most important when we give our attention to the animals we care about; no matter who you are, or where you come from, there truly is no greater joy than showing love to animals in need.

The One Bad Habit That Every Person Should Avoid At All Costs

By Tom Carlson

Whether it’s crossing the streep without looking, or stepping gracelessly onto the wet bathroom floor after a shower, we all do little things that put us in danger. Unfortunately, you may only realize the trouble involved once you’re in a hospital bed…

Couple Adopting A Baby Uncovers A Huge Coincidence After Meeting The Birth Mother

By Maggie Watson

Some of us plan out every detail of our lives. From what we’re going to wear the next day to our career aspirations, each item is planned. But more often than not, refusing to be flexible about your life plans can lead to dark places—just ask one man from Arkansas.

19 Unlikely Celebrity Relationships That The Stars Tried Hard To Keep Under Wraps

By Paul Fox

One of the downsides to being a celebrity is that it can be nearly impossible to keep certain elements of your personal life under wraps—especially when it comes to something as exciting as a new romantic partner. Fans and paparazzi can’t get enough!

A Russian Shepherd Found THIS In The Ground, And Now Scientists Are Losing Their Minds

By Mark Hardy

Mother Nature is well known for occasionally causing serious natural disasters. But what a few men found in the wilderness of Siberia was a lot freakier than your average hurricane.

He Didn't Believe This House Was Really Haunted... But What He Discovered Inside Is Terrifying.

By Paul Fox

We’ve all seen a horror movie where the main character enters an unassuming house, only to learn that it holds an unspeakable evil behind its doors. While we usually write this off as mere fiction, that’s not always the case.

What This Guy Built Under His Own Backyard Will Make You Seriously Jealous.

By Tom Carlson

It’s everyone’s dream to have somewhere they can be alone and enjoy the things they love. Some people call these places studies, and others call them man caves.

They Discovered This Hiding On The Bottom Of The Sea, And It's Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Film.

By Maggie Watson

Underwater explorer Frank Goddio spent his entire life in search of any trace of a lost civilizations. And while he’s pretty much seen it all, he definitely wasn’t expecting what he found off the Egyptian coast.

This Man's Grandfather Left Behind An Old Trunk. And Wait Until You See What's Inside!

By Tom Carlson

When a relative passes away, it can be a trying time for those they leave behind. Not only do they have to deal with the loss of a loved one, but they must also take care of the deceased’s estate.

This Tribe Has Been Isolated For 60,000 Years... And If You Visit Their Island, You're Dead.

By Maggie Watson

Everyone wants to get their own little island to retire on. But the truth is that there’s a reason so few people get to do it. First of all, you need a lot of money.