McConaughey Brothers Make A Very Strange Decision Involving Their Family

By Dan Fitzpatrick

What’s in a name? It is often the first decision that new parents make, and that choice defines a person throughout their lifetime. So to say the least, it’s a pretty big deal.

20 Times Being Friends With A Celebrity Paid Off In a Huge Way

By Maggie Watson

When it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. It doesn’t matter how much money was spent, only that giver gave it time and thought. But that rule doesn’t always apply for celebrity gifters, not when they’ve got a few million sitting in their bank accounts.

20 Unlikely Celebrity Pairs That Used To Be Roommates Before They Hit The Big Time

By Maggie Watson

We’re used to seeing actors’ and actresses’ sprawling estates and lavish penthouse apartments purchased with their massive Hollywood contracts. But they didn’t start out living in luxury. Before they made it to the big time, some celebrities were just trying to get by and pay the rent—and that led to some interesting living arrangements!

19 Unlikely Celebrity Relationships That The Stars Tried Hard To Keep Under Wraps

By Paul Fox

One of the downsides to being a celebrity is that it can be nearly impossible to keep certain elements of your personal life under wraps—especially when it comes to something as exciting as a new romantic partner. Fans and paparazzi can’t get enough!

The Famous Cabbage Patch Kids Have Been Hiding This Secret For Decades

By Clayton Aldrich

Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, which were created in 1978 and quickly catapulted into the arms and hearts of children everywhere, have been considered classic for decades. Even if you never owned one, you certainly know someone who did. Yet, there’s something about them that very few people know.

Cat Chases Down The Mailman Every Day To Make One Brazen Demand

By Angie Barnes

Everybody knows that dogs and mailmen have a notoriously difficult relationship, but we rarely consider how our other pets feel about postal workers. Levi Davis, a mailman in the small town of Taranaki, New Zealand, found that out first hand.

Desperate Baby Cow Survives One Of History's Worst Hurricanes By Pretending To Be A Dog

By Maggie Watson

For most people, cows are little more than barnyard animals known for saying moo, giving us milk, or becoming a future dinner. But recently, one cow has been gaining some serious notoriety for a different reason—and she might just change the bovine game for good!

Maid Hired To Clean Huge House Before A Party Nearly Collapses When She Learns Who Owns It

By Paul Fox

Housekeepers have extremely difficult—and often thankless—jobs. It can be physically taxing, and these brave people are often underpaid to do the work around strangers’ homes that others don’t want to do. Housekeeper Cara Simmons understood this all too well…

These Brilliant Life Hacks From 1900 Still Work Wonders Today

By Maggie Watson

If you were born within the past few decades, you probably don’t know how ambitious cigarette advertising used to be. From ads on television to vending machines in neighborhood restaurants, smoking was a much more visible part of everyday life in America.

Archaeologists Find Ancient Saxon Remains On A Man's Property And Uncover A Major Piece Of History

By Paul Fox

When archaeologists set out to excavate a site, there’s no telling what might turn up. It can be difficult, grueling work that doesn’t always yield the “treasure” they want, but every once in a while, they find something extraordinary.

Man Finds A Hidden Room In His Old Attic, But No One Was Ready For What Was Inside

By Maggie Watson

Rudi Schlattner and his family fled their home in Czechoslovakia after World War II came to a close. As they escaped the encroaching Soviets, they were forced to leave all that they had behind and start anew.

She Puts A Cotton Ball In Her Ear Every Night... When You See Why, You’ll Realize She's A Genius.

By Maggie Watson

Chances are, if you look in your medicine cabinet right now you’ll find a jar of Vicks VapoRub. After all, it’s  a staple for anyone who gets colds (and isn’t that all of us?). Sure, its main use is to relieve chest and nasal congestion, but did you know there are a million other ways VapoRub can make your life better?

Dad Fills Family's Backyard With Water And Ends Up With Incredible Creation

By Tom Carlson

Every homeowner knows that their backyard isn’t just a place for your kids to play. It’s also the perfect testing grounds for your hobbies and creations. After all, what better place is there to relax or get to work on something new and exciting?

Incredibly Rare Photos From History That Will Change The Way You See The Past

By Maggie Watson

Back before photos, the world could only see other parts of the world through drawings or paintings. The majority of people lived their entire lives without ever having had their appearance, or their day-to-day world, recorded.

These 14 Paparazzi Got A Little TOO Close... And Immediately Regretted It.

By Tom Carlson

As glamorous and exciting as it is to be a celebrity, there is at least one hefty price: the paparazzi. It can be next to impossible to live an ordinary life when your every move is captured by aggressive photographers.

Everyone's Struggling To Find The Panda In This Puzzle... And It's Driving People Insane!

By Mark Hardy

Two artists recently decided to create a twist on the classic hidden image game with their series of panda puzzles. These are so tricky that people are going crazy over them — they are so much harder than they look!

They Discovered A Secret Nazi Weapons Facility... And What's Inside Gave Me Serious Chills.

By Paul Fox

After World War II was finally over and the full truth of the Nazis’ atrocities was revealed to all, the question of “what if they actually won?” haunted the world for decades to come. This grim hypothesis has been the source of historical discussions, works of fiction, and many legislative measures to prevent a similar regime from coming to power

This Little Guy Was Almost Frozen Solid. That's When One Man Knew He Had To Do Something Fast.

By Maggie Watson

On a cold afternoon in the park, photographer Nick Radford noticed something strange on the ground. After realizing it was an animal in trouble, Nick knew he had to do something, so he picked the tiny fella up and took him home.

He Knocked Down A Wall In His Basement... And Uncovered The Craziest Thing You'll Ever See.

By Paul Fox

We’ve all heard stories about the unbelievable things people find in their attics and basements. Most of the time, they discover old photos or family treasures, but no one thought that anyone would find something like this.

These 27 Family Photo Recreations Are So Brilliant They're Guaranteed To Make You Smile!

By Tom Carlson

With the advent of iPhones and computers, we’re taking more pictures and videos of our kids than ever before. So, by the time kids these days reach adulthood, there will be many delightfully embarrassing bits of evidence around. And the more embarrassing the photos that are out there, the more hilarious the recreations people can make when they grow up!

She Inherited This Old Safe From Her Great Aunt, But She Never Expected To Find THIS Inside.

By Tom Carlson

Inheriting something from a distant relative always ends in a surprise. After the passing of her great aunt, this German woman inherited her old house.

The Nazis Hoped This Place Would Never Be Found, But Its Dark Secrets Were Finally Uncovered.

By Maggie Watson

The Nazi regime and its armies conducted some of the worst crimes humanity has witnessed. They were eventually defeated by the Allied powers, but in the weeks and months that leading up to their eventual defeat, they tried to cover their tracks by murdering witnesses and destroying facilities and documents.

If You Ever See One Of These Things, Turn Around And Run Away... Or Things Could Get Ugly.

By Paul Fox

In the natural world, looks can be deceiving. While many animals can seem harmless, that doesn’t mean you should walk up to them and try to be their friend. They could be more dangerous than you think.

Here Are 20 Creative Home Security Tricks That Will Turn Your Home Into A Fortress.

By Paul Fox

There are more than 2 million break-ins, burglaries, and home invasions in the U.S. every year, and at a time like this, home security is more important than ever. But while you probably already have basic security measures implemented which provide some measure of safety, you should keep in mind that an alarm can only go so far.

A Tiger Almost Caught This Labrador Retriever… When The Most Incredible Thing Happened.

By Tom Carlson

As beautiful as tigers are, they’re not exactly the cuddliest animal on the planet. Run across one in the wild and chances are you aren’t the one who’s going home! But not every tiger is the same.