The Most Useful Kitchen Hack Involves Just A Stick Of Butter

By Tom Carlson

There are a ton of cooking tricks that are the culinary equivalent of a get-rich-quick scheme: they’re overly complicated and unlikely to be fruitful. Unless, of course, you already have the know-how to go toe-to-toe with chefs like Gordon Ramsay, and most of us aren’t.

The Most Unusual Uses For Lip Balm That Most People Have Never Heard Of

By Maggie Watson

Nothing helps chapped lips like a dab of lip balm. Wax-like and often scented, the lip salve moisturizes dry and cracked lips, healing wind- and cold-damaged skin—while making your lips appear all the more kissable in the process! But there are a few lesser-known uses for lip balm worth trying out, too.

20 Genius DIY Projects That Take A Home From Bleak To Chic

By Maggie Watson

Some People still live in a home that hasn’t been redecorated since the ’70s, complete with shag carpet and floral linoleum. Others just pumped their savings into a brand-spankin’ new home and it needs a few final touches to make it look slick. Unfortunately, classing up a boring home can be expensive—but it doesn’t need to be.

More And More People Are Now Doing This Before Getting In Their Cars

By Maggie Watson

While road trips provide an opportunity for friends and families to bond over long stretches of open highway, they can be a bit of a pain in the butt (sometimes literally). Between boredom, discomfort, and everyday messes, these lengthy trips are often nightmarish — but they don’t have to be!

He Was Going To Take His Pennies To The Bank, But Did Something Incredible Instead!

By Maggie Watson

The penny has been falling out of grace in the world of currency for some time now. In fact, there are even efforts to have it completely removed from circulation. But for those of us who still have affection for the tiny, zinc coins, there are some incredible uses for them beyond paying for stuff!

He Spent 2 Years Building Something Crazy In His Basement. Prepare To Be Shocked!

By Tom Carlson

Everyone knows that sometimes you just need an escape: from work, from the pressure. The annoying part is that that escape is almost always somewhere that is not your house! But what if it could be?

He Started With A Piece Of Scrap Metal. Now That He's Done, I Can Barely Believe My Eyes!

By Mark Hardy

We’ve all fantasized about having an outrageous car at some point in our lives. Even if automobiles aren’t your thing, it’s still really cool to imagine riding in something expensive, rare, and super-fast!

They Were About To Euthanize This Cat, But What Happened Instead Will Melt Your Heart.

By Tom Carlson

People always say that cats are selfish and cold. But anyone who has ever had a cat knows that this stereotype is not accurate at all. Cats can be just as affectionate and loving as dogs. And if you don’t believe us, take a look at the story of a Polish cat named Ramadenes.

This Large Bear Spotted A Cat In Its Enclosure, And Did Something No One Ever Expected.

By Tom Carlson

Bears are at the top the food chain for many different reasons: their claws, their massive size, their ferocious bite. You don’t reach that sort of status for nothing.

This Might Be The Strangest Living Thing On Earth, And We Still Can't Believe It’s Real.

By Maggie Watson

Earth is a weird place full of strange creatures (including us, if we’re being honest), but this thing might just take home the trophy.