People Interested In Adopting A Dog Should Know This First

By Dan Fitzpatrick

How old are you in dog years? On average, one year in a canine’s life equals seven years for a human. Then again, there are hundreds of different dog breeds and they all age at slightly different rates.

People Who Want To Adopt This Pit Bull Quickly Realize There's A Catch

By Francesca Rea

Best friends are hard to come by, but when you do find one, it’s a beautiful thing. Animals, like people, have best friends too and the bond they share is just as sweet as that between human besties.

Baby Opossum Faces Serious Trouble Before An Unlikely Hero Steps In

By Maggie Watson

Like most baby animals, the North American opossum can’t go too far without maternal guidance. These little guys desperately need their mothers to cling on to; this is how they receive warmth, protection, and milk. And without his mother, Poncho the opossum was in serious trouble.

20 Not-So-Smart Pups Whose Regrettable Decisions Left Their Humans In Hysterics

By Maggie Watson

Dog owners have a well of adjectives they dip into to describe their four-legged pals. When speaking publicly, they might say their pooch is loving, caring, and an extraordinarily good boy—just a ball of love and energy. But most dog owners could use another word to describe their canine buds…

They Were About To Euthanize This Cat, But What Happened Instead Will Melt Your Heart.

By Tom Carlson

People always say that cats are selfish and cold. But anyone who has ever had a cat knows that this stereotype is not accurate at all. Cats can be just as affectionate and loving as dogs. And if you don’t believe us, take a look at the story of a Polish cat named Ramadenes.

This Large Bear Spotted A Cat In Its Enclosure, And Did Something No One Ever Expected.

By Tom Carlson

Bears are at the top the food chain for many different reasons: their claws, their massive size, their ferocious bite. You don’t reach that sort of status for nothing.

This Might Be The Strangest Living Thing On Earth, And We Still Can't Believe It’s Real.

By Maggie Watson

Earth is a weird place full of strange creatures (including us, if we’re being honest), but this thing might just take home the trophy.