It’s everyone’s dream to have somewhere they can be alone and enjoy the things they love. Some people call these places studies, and others call them man caves.

But what Colin Furze made outside his home is better than any fortress of solitude you’ve ever seen. And when you see how he built it, you’ll want to move there in a heartbeat.

Seriously, this place is amazing!

This is Colin Furze. He is quite possibly an evil genius.

He didn’t really bother with a real blueprint. Here’s what his looked like:

This is his front yard. Nothing out of the ordinary…

And the backyard is pretty idyllic. But it wasn’t going to remain that way.

This is Colin’s old shed. It was totally fine, but it needed to go so that something better could be put in its place.

So the walls had to come tumbling down!

And the residents had to be removed until their new home was done.

Look at all of the space he has to work with now!

Call in the crane… it’s time to do some digging.

Okay, this is one serious project!

The ground in Colin’s backyard was soft towards the top, but as they got deeper, the project became more difficult.

Wow, that is one big a hole.

Below the dirt, they came into contact with a rock bed. The jackhammers had to be brought out.

Once that stage was finished, the frame started to be put in place.

Then they started putting down the foundation.

This is going to be one amazing project.

You know things are getting serious when they bust out the welding machines!

Is that a doorway? I think I’m starting to get the picture.

Fiberglass-reinforced concrete was laid on top after the roof was in place.

They had to install load-bearing beams and wiring to help hold the weight of the concrete.

Colin’s adorable son couldn’t help but get involved in his dad’s awesome project!

Remember that idyllic backyard? It’s still there, but it’s a little messy. This is when they installed ventilation pipes for what’s going to be Colin’s own private bunker.

Finally, it was time to reconstruct that fence and shed!

Now for one last systems check before the shed goes into production!

Everything looks pretty great.

That new shed sure looks incredible! But inside…

There is a secret entrance.

Down there! A secret handle leads to a hidden hatch and finally to…

Colin’s private bunker! The inside is the best part.

Colin knew his mancave was a success, but there was still so much to show off.

A kitchen is a must-have, but filling it with non-perishable food items made it even better.

This might have been a little unnecessary, but it still rules.

I’m talking, of course, about the ejector bed.

The entire place runs on generators, just in case there isn’t any power.

Remember that ventilation? Here’s what it looks like on the inside.

What’s a good emergency bunker without some gnarly weapons?!

It might not be pretty, but any good man cave or bunker needs a toilet.

But what about a TV and drum set? Yeah, those aren’t bad either.

And just in case anyone tries to sneak in, there are remote-controlled machine guns!

Check out how he built this whole thing here:

And here’s some more detail on just what life would be like down there!

We all hope the worst case scenario doesn’t happen, but if it does, I think I’m headed for Colin’s doomsday bunker. That thing even has a drum set.