For many families, the first baby they’ll ever have is the furry, four-legged kind. But when it’s time to bring a human child into your home, you don’t always know if your dog will react well.

Here are a few families who experienced this dilemma, and saw some interesting results…

1. “It’s hairless. Ew.”

2. “You don’t have to worry. I got this one.”

3. “Oh boy, I don’t know if we’re ready for this, Sharon.”

4. “This thing is weird.”

5. Cozy.

6. “He’s so cuuuuuuute.”

7. “This thing is actually kinda comfy.”

8. Nap spot.

9. They’ve been like this for hours.

10. Wrinkles on wrinkles.

11. “Stop staring, dad.”

12. “Brother?”

13. “So this is our life now?”

14. I think these two are going to get along just great.

15. It’s almost like some kind of adorable nativity scene.

16. Mommy loved him first.

17. “I love you.”

18.”She can stay.”

19. Time for some smooches!

20. “This thing smells funny.”

21. Awwwwwww.

22. They’re going to argue over who was born first for the rest of their lives.

23. That kid’s face really says it all.

24. “Ok. This baby can stay.”

25. Protection at its finest.

26. This guy has found his happy place.

27. “Can we keep the dog?”

28. “How come she gets a cuter outfit than me, mom?”

Dogs can be your baby’s first and best friend, but they should be introduced properly to avoid any aggressive behavior. Here are a few great tips to make sure your baby and your dog are introduced the right way so they can be best friends forever!

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