On a cold afternoon in the park, photographer Nick Radford noticed something strange on the ground. After realizing it was an animal in trouble, Nick knew he had to do something, so he picked the tiny fella up and took him home.

Over the next few months, Nick nursed him back to health and named him Apple Moonbeam. But Apple’s story wasn’t over just yet.

This was how the little guy was found. He was freezing and wasn’t moving.

Nick used his jacket to line the inside of his cup holder and placed the squirrel inside.

Once they got home, he created this makeshift bed with a heating pad.

Looks like it was a hit!

Next step was feeding the little guy.

His eyes hadn’t opened yet, but he was doing better.

He even got to meet his new family.

Soon, he was welcomed to the pack!


Now, Apple uses his dog bros to practice climbing!

He’s so cute!

 Like, really cute.

But he smells a little funny!

That hasn’t stopped him from fitting right in.

“What is that thing?”

He even gets to see how popular his story has become online!

Nick did a great thing by taking in this helpless little guy. Now he’s got a new friend to show for it!