In a dream world, our homes would be spotless at all times. But this is reality, and despite our best intentions, life gets in the way and our homes get a bit messy. Who has the time to spend constantly cleaning?

As it turns out, you don’t need time or money to make your house look spotless. In fact, with these simple hacks, you can make your place sparkle in no time at all!

1. Have a tough carpet stain? Break out your steam iron and a damp washcloth for stain-lifting power. 


2. Use kosher salt and a lemon to get out stubborn cutting board stains. 

One Good Thing By Jillee

3. Create a paste made of 1/4 cup baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Carefully apply on stained cookie trays and let it sit for three hours. Rinse, and it’ll look like new.

One Good Thing By Jille

4. Clogged shower head? Secure a bag of white vinegar to your shower head and let it sit for two to three hours. 

A Real-Life Housewife

5. Refresh your mattress by letting baking soda sit on it for an hour. Then vacuum up the excess powder. 

All You

6. Use a potato to clean your grater. Their natural acid will eat away at gunk. Plus, you get hash browns in the end!

Rachel v. Ramen

7. To clean a microwave, heat a measuring cup full of hot water and a lemon on high for two minutes. Then just wipe down the insides.

Burnt Macaroni

8. Do you have a lot of dirty plastic toys to wash? Use a dishwasher! Just make sure not to set the temperature too high. 

Brady Lou Guru

9. Coffee machines can hide all sorts of muck inside, so try brewing up a piping hot pot of white vinegar and water. Let the full pot brew and then sit for 30 minutes. Run a second cycle with just water to rinse, and you’ve got a clean pot.


10. Forget wasting money on disposable dusters. Take an old sock or t-shirt, dip lightly in vinegar, and presto!


11. Scrub your cast iron skillets with a mixture of salt and olive oil, rinse, and wipe clean for a smooth, even finish.

The Kitchn

12. Rubbing a fresh bagel on a painting removes dust and lint.

The Brick House

13. Make your own Goo-Gone with baking soda and coconut oil to remove sticky problems.


14. To easily clean your blender, put in a couple of drops of soap, fill with warm water, and blend. Then rinse and let dry.


15. Let your toothbrush sit in a vinegar solution for twenty minutes, then rinse thoroughly to get a brand new toothbrush.


16. To make the outside of stainless steel appliances shine like new, scrub them down with a mixture of water and cream of tartar.

A Real-Life Housewife

17. Apply a mixture of baking soda and bleach to funky grout. Let it sit for ten minutes, then sponge away.

Practically Functional

18. Clean out your oily coffee grinder by pouring in white, uncooked rice and grinding as usual.

19. Get rid of fingerprints and general grime on your cabinets with a homemade polish of vegetable oil and baking soda. 

20. Lemons can remove water marks in the bathroom.


21. A piece of newspaper in the fridge helps cut back on bad smells.


22. To clean your iron, run it on high over aluminum foil covered with salt. 


23. To get rid of bathtub rings, scrub them with grapefruit and baking soda.


24. Stuck with a dirty glue gun? When it’s still hot, quickly use a ball of foil to wipe it down.


25. Cleaning up broken glass is easy if you carefully use a slice of bread.


26. Shoe polish can hide the nicks in your leather furniture.


27. Toothpaste can make your old sneakers like new!


28. Is there a stain in the garage bothering you? Try rubbing a solution of Coca-Cola and water on it. 


29. Glitter is a hassle to clean up. Make it easier by rolling a ball of clay around for easy relief.


30. Toss a ball of foil covered with dish soap into dirty baking dishes to loosen grime.


31. Steel wool can make your curling iron sparkling again!


32. Between vacuuming, use a squeegee to dredge up pet hair.


33. Rubbing alcohol and an old rag are the key to getting out those nasty nail polish spills.


34. Use an old but clean toothbrush to clean out your keyboard keys.


35. Make your stainless steel shine with cream of tartar.


36. For a natural way of cleaning your oven, prepare this simple natural recipe!

37. A blast of hot air can get rid of stubborn water stains on wood.


38. Carefully use your razor to get paint marks off of clothes.


39. Baking soda strikes again! Apply it liberally to your sofa and then vacuum it up for a like-new scent.


40. Get your cutting board clean and conditioned using just lemons and salt.


It might be time for me to invest in an economy-size jug of vinegar and a massive box of baking soda. Is there anything these two magical ingredients can’t do? Share these helpful housecleaning hacks with your friends!